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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

What to Get Your Fruita Renters for the Holidays

Christmas Gift Basket for Fruita TenantsAs a Fruita landlord, you are aware that an excellent tenant can be arduous to find – and sometimes, even harder, to keep. To nurture good relations with your tenants, one simple and uncomplicated thing you can do is to give them a small appreciation gift for the holidays. Keeping your tenants happy can take effort, but a happy tenant is one who is pretty able to take good care of your property, pay their rent on time, and stay in the rental home for the long term. Even something as small as a simple holiday gift could let them realize that you appreciate them – and would like them to stay.

A thoughtful tenant gift is one that your renters can use, but that is appropriate for their particular status and situation. Indeed most of the best tenant gifts are housewarming gifts because they tend to be welcome things for almost everyone. A box of gourmet cookies or a bottle of wine may be just the thing to show them your appreciation and to build rapport with your tenants. A tiny houseplant, a thank-you card, or a set of monogrammed coasters are likewise good ideas and would likely be both definitely used and enjoyed by your tenants.

If you believe that offering your tenants a traditional housewarming gift isn’t quite your style and approach, other easy options may make more sense. Many tenants may appreciate a free property upgrade in lieu of a gift. One relatively inexpensive upgrade that will make your rental property more enjoyable (and more enticing to future tenants) is installing USB ports or one or more smart devices. Even a basic video doorbell or smart thermostat could mean a lot to your tenant while also increasing the value of your property. It’s an investment that would very likely pay off in lots of ways.

Other wonderful tenant gift ideas are less than tangible, but really, no less appreciated. As an illustration, if you have multiple tenants in the same town, consider hosting a fun event for your tenants, like a free movie night or gathering. One other course of action would be to gift them a helpful service, such as water or furnace filter delivery. If financially viable, you may, in like manner, take into consideration bestowing them a welcome break on any upcoming rent increases, like delaying their increase for a few months. Send them a well-meaning card expressing your intentions, and most likely, they will be very pleased with the gift of decreased rent for a few months longer than they expected.

At the very minimum, you should be sending your tenants a card or other acknowledgment for the holidays. Not only is this a good habit to get into, typically, but definitely, it could be just as effective as a gift in encouraging goodwill. But take note, if you decide to send a card to your tenants, it’s necessary to be mindful of different religions and cultures. Not all people celebrate Christmas, so unless you are confident that your tenants do, it’s ideal to wish them instead “Happy Holidays.” Consequently, you can really show respect for your tenants while sending good wishes their way.


Regardless of what you get your renters for the holidays, know for sure that it is thoughtful and appropriate. Though it may take some time to choose and send just the right gift, in the final analysis, those efforts will be well worth it. Certainly, if you live at a distance from your properties or find yourself short on time, another great option is to hire a professional Fruita property manager to do it for you. At Real Property Management Now, we strongly cultivate and nurture good tenant relationships in lots of different ways. Would you like to find out and learn more? Give us a call at 970-314-7123 today!

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